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About us

Sheila, Gloria, 2 young entrepreneurs from Europe started Sublime Makeup because they were so fed up with the big industry makeup companies selling makeup at such high prices with false most often promises.

Usually they pretend to sell the secret formula with one allegedly cheap product and then start a second one by changing the packaging using the exact same formula (which costs exactly the same to make) and then triple the price.

Which leaves you clueless about why the price got so high and usually leads you to buy anyway because the packaging makes it look like it’s way better than the cheap one.

That's why we felt like this industry needed a change and should stop tricking customers into paying more. And here Sublime Makeup was born in 2016!

We partnered with suppliers that would help us fabricate all the products anyone who has the desire to show the best version of himself should have. An internet platform was simply the best way to expand and spread our way of thinking all around the world. 

Makeup Set by Makeup artist


Along the way, we had trouble finding the right people as it isn’t easy to find a partner if you don’t have revenues already. We started the brand from scratch with no money but just our makeup market experience at Loreal and Clarins.

Eventually, we were able to find a little help from your family and friends that invested with us and started out with some stock for products such as eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras and other tools that help you apply your makeup.

In the end the site could start to get built with the help of one our web specialist friend and photos were taken. The good thing is that we found a supplier that can work on demand and work very fast which means we are able to deliver fast and the faster you get your orders the faster you’re satisfied and this way you will keep coming back to us.

Thanks to our kind partner we are able to cut out the middleman and pass the savings onto you which means you can take advantage of so affordable makeup. Our idea is also to develop a high quality brand that will take a little longer to develop.

We want to focus on a high level customer service and deliver the best quality makeup products that are going to fit your envy to get the best version of you everyday!

Thank you again for your trust and feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have a question!

Sheila and Gloria

Gloria from your Sublime Makeup team 
Sheila from your Sublime Makeup team